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Xueyan Song
Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Crystallography and Crystal Analysis

  • (Graduate students course), MAE-580, West Virginia University
Course Flowchart

Structure of Materials

Formal description of crystal structures

Crystal Defects

Structure analysis by X-ray diffraction

Structure and chemistry characterization by TEM:

  • Electron diffraction
  • Diffraction contrast imaging
  • Phase contrast HREM imaging
  • Z-contrast imaging
  • EDX and EELS analysis

Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Materials

  • (Graduate students course), MAE-583, West Virginia University
Course Flowchart

Classical Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics in Materials Science

Kinetics in Materials

Thermodynamics in Materials Science:

  • Thermodynamics of phase of constant composition
  • Thermodynamics of solid solutions
  • Thermodynamics of binary phase diagram
  • Thermodynamics of interfaces
  • Thermodynamics of defect

Kinetics in Materials:

  • Concepts of kinetics, activation energy
  • Diffusion in solids & driving force for diffusion
  • Diffusivity & atomic mechanisms of diffusion
  • Kinetics of phase transformation, nucleation and growth